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As of Wild Mood Swings, The Cure consists of: Robert Smith: voices, guitars Simon Gallup: basses Perry Bamonte: guitars, 6-string bass Roger O'Donnell: keyboards Jason Cooper: drums and percussion

This page sucks very badly now, but later it will be posted with Cure news as I hear about it. The links above are to some Cure sites that are very good, and another site of my own. The Cure's last album was Galore, an 18-track album with the singles from 1979-1997, with an additional track, Wrong Number. The Cure is coming out with another album, I have heard many rumors of when, so when the date is sure, I will post it here. Also, any important Cure news will also be posted. If you would like to write anything about the best band ever, then Sign my guestbook! This page has been visited times.

Galore2 (Laura)